NWAIS Maker Fest

Members of the TTWA committee had a great time at the first annual NWAIS Maker Fest on Saturday. Three groups of us showcased our personal projects: an iOS app that allows you to take a picture of an instruction booklet and then have you phone read it back to you step by step via voice control, a 3D-printed prosthetic hand for children with Amniotic Band Syndrome, and a designed-from-scratch CNC router, which we finally got working halfway through the event. We loved getting to share our enthusiasm for the maker movement with fellow Seattle-area students, and were fascinated by some of the projects being created by our peers.

TeenTech Washington hopes to work with the NWAIS Maker Fest in the coming years, to help grow reach and participation. We are proud proponents of the maker movement and were happy to see so many students of all ages excited about working and creating with technology.

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